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Stefan Lang

Stefan Lang


Stef has over 40 years of experience in the accounting, tax, pension and finance industries. He graduated from UCLA in 1972, passed the CPA* (Certified Public Accountant) exam that year and joined the family accounting business started by his father, Hal, in 1959. He has specialized in employee benefits since ERISA (The Employee Retirement Income Security Act) passed in 1974, writing, administering and consulting in qualified retirement plans. Stef and his wife Robin got married in 1972 and they have 4 adult sons: Evan, Morgan, Noah and Tyler. They also have 11 grandchildren who keep them very busy.

Stef enjoys traveling, golfing, gardening and playing with his grandkids. He also helps Robin make her award winning wines, in a minor sort of way. Mostly picking, tasting and moving the heavy stuff.

Stef started writing fiction a few years ago and has had short stories published in Gloom Cupboard and Sixers Review literary magazines. He is currently working on two historical novels, one set in 19th century Ireland during the potato blight and the other in 1930’s Germany. 

*Approaching full retirement, Stefan sold an employee benefits administration practice in 2019 and chose to allow his CPA to expire